Facebook Chat Bots for eCommerce

Customers with simple requests shouldn't have to wait for a response. Set up a Facebook Messenger chat bot in just a few clicks and provide a quick solution for easy problems.

Integrates with Magento and Shopify.

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Facebook Messenger Chat Bots for Magento & Shopify.

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What is a Facebook Chat Bot?

A Facebook Chat Bot is artificial intelligence built into the Facebook Messenger Platform. What this simply means is that Facebook has enabled developers to write simple programs that can respond automatically to incoming Messenger conversations. So if your customer simply needs to know the tracking number for their order, a bot can locate their order and provide them with a tracking number. We have developed a simple solution that offers your customers simple options to get immediate results. Your customer service team can still communicate just like usual over Facebook Messenger. Our chat bot simply gives them some simple, quick answers to their most common questions. This can not only provide instant help to a customer, it can free up valuable time for your customer service team.

What can you do with a Messenger Chatbot?

The Facebook Messenger Platform opens up a variety of ways you can communicate with customers, sending them rich data and images, not just simple text. Some key features of the platform include:

What exactly does BotCommerce do?

We integrate with the two most common e-commerce platforms, Magento and Shopify, to help you setup a very quick and simply chatbot that can respond to simple requests. Our initial feature set will include a custom welcome message, order status updates, tracking number requesting and simple FAQ searches. All of these can happen instantly through Facebook Messenger and are integrated with directly with your store. So a customer can receive their tracking number instantly, instead of having to wait for your customer service to be available. Please Request Access above to get a sneak peek at our beta release.

How new is this technology?

While the concept of chat bots has been around for a while, Facebook only recently opened up its Messenger Platform API to allow development of bots directly in Messenger. You can find more information about the Messenger Platform here: https://messengerplatform.fb.com/

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Customer Matching
Customer matching allows you to reach people in Messenger if you have their phone number and their consent to be contacted by you. In conversations on Messenger, people will see you as a brand and not just a short code. Conversations initiated through Customer Matching will be received as Message Requests allowing people to be reached only by the bots they want to communicate with.

Welcome Screen
If a person starts a new conversation with your bot, you can set expectations with a welcome message and call-to-action to kickoff the experience. People who click the "Message Us" plugin or find you through search will see your welcome screen.

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